Committed to planning a brighter Chatham future:

  • Healthy water for our families
  • Strong schools with quality teachers
  • Thriving agricutural operations
  • Opportunities for young people
  • An economy that works for everyone
  • Ample services for seniors

Proven by past actions:

  • Zoned county to facilitate responsible growth
  • Adopted Chatham’s first Comprehensive Plan and Map
  • Passed and extended a Moratorium on Fracking in Chatham
  • Funded schools to fully meet academic needs
  • Paid for the Chatham Arts Council’s arts-in-school program
  • Promoted megasite development that also improves our infrastructure
  • Created first Climate Change Advisory Committee
  • Charted a path to complete Solar Renewables by 2050
  • Began Chatham CleanPath process to assess county buildings for solar
  • Got Chatham a seat on the Nutrient Scientific Advisory Board for Jordan Lake
  • Reconstituted the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Recommissioned the Human Relations Advisory Committee
  • Initiated countywide Master Plan for Water and Wastewater infrastructure
  • Required air and water monitoring, and coal ash testing at Brickhaven landfill

Team Chatham