Diana Hales

April 16, 2015: Charah Permit for “Mine Reclamation” in Brickhaven (Chatham County)

We are here today because Duke Energy has a 70-year ash problem. Existing coal ash pits around the state have failed and their contents are seeping into our public waters. Instead of seeking a 21st century solution to permanently neutralize these toxic residuals, Duke Energy will dig more pits and transport their problems to Chatham and Lee counties.

Our Legislature made a law to allow Duke Energy to move ash into so-called “structural fill” pits and compress it against a 20-year HDPE plastic liner to form twin 50-ft tall mounds in Moncure. This Frankenstein-monster permit strips local government authority, endangers public health, diminishes economic prospects, and offers a temporary Band-aid, not a solution.

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