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No Traction in NC Legislature for Environment

There has been no traction in NC legislature for environmental bills EXCEPT to LOSE protections.

We must elect MORE Democrats in the NC Legislature, to overturn destructive environmental legislation that has been passed in the past 10 years.  Thank God for Representative Pricey Harrison, who at least files bills to provide FUNDING for Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

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Comments at April 16th Coal Ash Permit Hearing

Diana Hales

April 16, 2015: Charah Permit for “Mine Reclamation” in Brickhaven (Chatham County)

We are here today because Duke Energy has a 70-year ash problem. Existing coal ash pits around the state have failed and their contents are seeping into our public waters. Instead of seeking a 21st century solution to permanently neutralize these toxic residuals, Duke Energy will dig more pits and transport their problems to Chatham and Lee counties.

Our Legislature made a law to allow Duke Energy to move ash into so-called “structural fill” pits and compress it against a 20-year HDPE plastic liner to form twin 50-ft tall mounds in Moncure. This Frankenstein-monster permit strips local government authority, endangers public health, diminishes economic prospects, and offers a temporary Band-aid, not a solution.

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