Strong Schools

  • I support excellent public schools and paying teachers what they deserve.
  • I support career and technical education career pathways combining high school and community college curriculums. Want to attract good jobs? It starts with the schools.

Clean Water and Air

  • Fight for the full implementation of the Jordan Lake rules that have been repeatedly postponed by the State Legislature.
  • Invest in our water infrastructure and, in partnership with other towns, will build a new regional water treatment plant to effectively treat and remove harmful chemicals.
  • Champion regional “One Water” initiatives to redefine how we plan for and use/reuse all water resources, including wastewater and storm water, and protect our surface waters.
  • Monitor and seek to mitigate the future effects on Moncure residents of the 12 million tons of coal ash deposited in Brickhaven quarry.

No Fracking

  • Explore and will use any official action, including moratoriums, zoning, stream buffers, and health ordinances to resist fracking to protect the health of our citizens and Chatham’s ground and surface waters. This industry has a growing record of environmental contamination and related human health problems.

Good jobs

  • I support quality-of-life investments that will attract high-tech and clean jobs. Our investments in arts, culture, parks and recreation, good public schools and innovative community college programs attract businesses.

Land-use Protection

  • Zoned the entire county so we can use all available local government tools to both protect property owners and give them a voice in what happens in their neighborhood.
  • Adopted the Chatham County Comprehensive Land Use Plan in 2017, with input from thousands of Chatham County residents. This 20-year Plan provides guideposts and recommendations on how we grow while preserving our rural areas, agriculture and natural resources. Population growth will be directed to our towns and village centers. 

Chatham Park

  • Work cooperatively with the Chatham Park developer and Town of Pittsboro to plan for infrastructure, especially schools and emergency services, water and wastewater systems, transportation corridors and transit strategies, and other impacts on county taxpayers.

Megasites for Industrial Opportunities

  • The two industrial megasites, one located in Siler City, the other in the southeast corner around Moncure, are within the portfolio of Chatham’s Economic Development Corp. They hope to attract a large manufacturer to Chatham.  Success in either or both will trigger more development in and around the megasite.